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Ciara Necklace

NT$ 680.00

Made with gold plated real cowrie shell. It will bring a little Hawaii right to your door! Looks stunning on its own and is perfect for layering with other favorites. Pendants will each be similar, yet unique as they are genuine cowrie shells. Will vary slightly in size.

  • Material: 14k gold filled chain / natural cowrie shell
  • Circumference: 50 cm / 20"
  • We will attach an 1*1" anti-tarnish paper into each jewelry bag for every piece of Berry Beer jewelry.

This will be wrapped in a very gentle yet elaborate way.
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材質│14K金鍊 / 鍍真金天然貝殼

  • 附贈絨布收納袋及減緩氧化紙片
  • 材質不易過敏
  • 價格為單條項鍊


- 建議減少接觸化學品、清潔劑以延長飾品壽命
- 洗澡時取下可以減少與清潔劑接觸
- 妥善收納可以減少氧化速度
- 每隔一段時間可以用飾銀布擦拭 恢復光澤

- 購買三個月內可以免費維修
- 瑕疵品以外不接受退換貨